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This is my time-lapse showcase. This page contains a collection of my Time-lapse movies. Most movies were created with my Nikon DSLRs and some with my Canon Powershot. The Nikon D80 and D90 required an external intervalometer or a computer to control the camera, the Canon S60 and Nikon D700 have a built-in intervalometer to take time-lapse photos. A HTML5 video capable browser is required to view the movies, the movies are encoded with the x264 codec. The movies are ordered by shooting date, the newest are at the top of the categories. Most movies are made in the Netherlands, but some were shot in Chile, Japan or China. The categories include movies about archery, balfolk dancing, blooming flowers, airplanes, traffic, fireshows, clouds, sunsets, sunrise, night skies, stars, ice cubes melting, and some other miscellaneous subjects.

Northern Lights